Adult Education and Discipleship Classes

Core Values

This class touches on each of the seven core values.  In addition, the core values of Sonship, Trials and Team Ministry are developed further in classes specific to that core value (see below)


The central focus of our faith is the Cross of Jesus Christ and the gift of forgiveness and righteousness he freely purchased for us.  The benefit of his work is the confident promise of the Holy Spirit’s anointing and power on our lives and the freedom to live in a relationship with God as our Father –all in a context of grace alone and never based on performance.  In this class we learn practically what it looks like to live daily, by faith, as “sons of God.”


Closely related to weakness and humility, God uses trials to sanctify us and fully equip us to do his will in any and every circumstance.  In this class we work through broad Scriptural patterns, with a strong emphasis on the book of James and learning the practical necessities to be able to “count it all joy whenever you face trials of many kinds”   (James 1:2).

     Team Ministry

God has a commitment to fulfill the work of his salvation through the Body of Christ working together in teams, with a gracious and Sovereignly distributed diversity of gifts.  In this class we look at the fundamental issues of Team Ministry rooted in believing the Gospel and building ministry out of prayer, as well as some of the foundational dynamics of team life- vision, authority and submission, constructive conflict and spiritual warfare.

Immigrants, Refugees, Governments and the Church

God’s people have always been called to express the image of God in love for the immigrant, alien and refugee, both because it is his heart and because Christians are often in that position themselves. How do we live that out in our culture as the faithful church?  What does it look like to “submit” ourselves to authorities while we do so – especially if those authorities are acting unjustly toward the immigrant? Can we “submit and “resist” at the same time?

Breaking the Bondage of Sin

God’s Remedy for Destructive, Addictive Patterns of Behavior

Biblical Parenting

This class explores God’s heart for us as His children as we work through what we bring to the table as parents which shapes how we parent, what our kids bring (adopted, bio, foster) to the relationship and strategies that will encourage connection in our relationship with our kids as well as other kids in our church family.

Homosexuality and the Image of God

  • What does God teach us in his word about issues of sexuality and sexual identity?
  • How do we respond to the “new normal” of our culture that believes the deepest moral law is “to be true to yourself” and sees the Government as the ultimate defender of the private right of individuals to freely seek their own sexual self-expression?
  • What do you do if you experience same sex attraction?
  • What do you do if your child, friend or relative announces they are gay or lesbian or bi-sexual or transgender?
  • How should we treat one another as we deal with these issues?
  • How do we affirm and love one another, made in the image of God, without condoning sin or abandoning a faithful commitment to God and his Word?
  • Is the Bible truly clear about these issues or open to mixed interpretations?

A group of pastors and leaders from our sister churches have published a paper addressing these and related issues that we will use as the basis of class discussion.

The Book of Job

The big issue Job struggles with is “Why am I suffering?:” however, the Lord gives Job–and us–a bigger issue to deal with ..

Audios not available – Contact the church office to purchase a copy of Mark Belz’ book, “God, Satan, Job & Friends” — [email protected]; (314) 726-2302.  Copies are $18 each

Trouble I’ve Seen

Based on the book, “Trouble I’ve Seen – Changing the Way the Church Views Racism”  by Drew G. I. Hart

Gender Roles in the Church

How are men and women called to lead and serve in the church? What unique roles should husband and wife each have within their marriage and family? How do we witness in a culture that is bringing more and more attention to sexual and gender identity? Scriptures are full of stories and instructions regarding men and women in the church, so why is there such confusion and division? This class critically explores the issues of gender roles by engaging Scripture, learning historical context, and providing a respectful space for honest dialogue.