Gender Roles in the Church

How are men and women called to lead and serve in the church? What unique roles should husband and wife each have within their marriage and family? How do we witness in a culture that is bringing more and more attention to sexual and gender identity? Scriptures are full of stories and instructions regarding men and women in the church, so why is there such confusion and division?

This class will critically explore the issues of gender roles by engaging Scripture, learning historical context, and providing a respectful space for honest dialogue.

Session 2 – The Complementarian Viewpoint
Session 3 – What Are Our Fears?
Session 4 – The Egalitarian Viewpoint
Session 5 – Gender Roles in Marriage
Session 6 – Cross Gender Relationships
Session 7 – Addressing Your Most Pressing Gender Role Questions
Session 8 – Women at New City and in the PCA