Homosexuality and the Image of God

Led by Barry Henning

  • What does God teach us in his word about issues of sexuality and sexual identity?
  • How do we respond to the “new normal” of our culture that believes the deepest moral law is “to be true to yourself” and sees the Government as the ultimate defender of the private right of individuals to freely seek their own sexual self-expression?
  • What do you do if you experience same sex attraction?
  • What do you do if your child, friend or relative announces they are gay or lesbian or bi-sexual or transgender?
  • How should we treat one another as we deal with these issues?
  • How do we affirm and love one another, made in the image of God, without condoning sin or abandoning a faithful commitment to God and his Word?
  • Is the Bible truly clear about these issues or open to mixed interpretations?
A group of pastors and leaders from our sister churches have published a paper addressing these and related issues that we will use as the basis of class discussion.


Overarching Perspectives for the Church in Dealing with People in the LGBT Community, and Issues of Homosexuality in Local Church Congregations – CLASS NOTES


What Time is It? – CLASS NOTES


Why Is So Little Said in the Bible? – CLASS NOTES


What Does the Bible Say and Mean? – CLASS NOTES

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