Worship & Music Ministry

The Music Ministry is a fellowship of redeemed and reconciled musicians sharing their heart songs in order to embody the eschatological shalom and resurrection life of Jesus Christ.

We serve as unified hearts and voices glorifying God and enriching the church through psalms, hymns and spiritual songs.

Service Opportunities

Music Team – Musicians of different musical backgrounds who are committed to serving the congregation once or twice a month by leading songs in worship services.

Choir – singers who meet every Saturday during the choir season to prepare special songs for Sunday worship and special events such as Christmas, Black History Celebration and Easter.

Tech Team – trained volunteers who either operate the sound equipment or prepare and present the slide show for the worship services.

Children, Youth, and House church musicians – specialized musicians who serve in ministries outside the worship services.

To be a part of the worship team, contact:
Christelle Mukendi


  • proceeds from our grace relationship with God through Jesus Christ.
  • is centered in its direction on God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit
  • compels us to go out from worship to serve God in love for Him and our neighbor
  • is energized by the Holy Spirit and engages the whole person; soul/spirit and body
  • celebrates God’s character and His deeds, bringing joy to Him and spiritual health to us, changing us into the image of Christ.

Music for Worship

At New City Fellowship, our music for worship reflects the core values of the kingdom of God by holding several elements in balance through the bond of grace.

Sacred – We are drawn into the eternal, holy song of the Creator which includes the Father rejoicing over us (Zephaniah 3), the High Priestly songs of the Son singing with us (Hebrews 2), and the songs of the Spirit overflowing from us (Ephesians 5).

Lavish – Set free from chains of sin and death, our music is liberated to enjoy the full range of expressive sounds that we can create from redeemed instruments and voices in order to praise the surpassing power and mighty acts of the Lord (Psalm 150)

Incarnate – As a reconciled covenant people, we share all our heart songs, reflecting the priesthood of all believers and the diversity of the great multitude from every nation, tribe, people and language, standing before the throne and before the Lamb (1 Peter 2, Revelation 7)

Hospitable – Welcoming the stranger and prepared with care, music should be humbly presented with excellence which is gifted-love. (1 Corinthians 12 & 13)

Pure – Regardless of skill, music disgusts and angers God when performed in the presence of injustice. Therefore, songs of the redeemed must be accompanied by and give inspiration to justice and righteousness for the poor and oppressed. (Isaiah 1, Amos 5)

Grace – Our music is an expression of the gift of new life in Christ Jesus, the songs we sing are part of the gift of good works that have been prepared for us in advance. (Ephesians 2)

Worship Music Resources

New City Musichttp://ncfmusic.com

This site hopes to further extend the movement of churches committed to reconciliation and justice in the gospel through offering music, video, instruction, and reflection for those who want to take part in the vision of cross cultural worship.